"As part of my research on the Punch tradition I've watched most of the best Punch and Judy performers in the world many times;

Professor Poulton is without doubt one of the very best. He is probably the most experienced beach Punchman working today having performed his show literally thousands of times at Weymouth and elsewhere. If you want a taste of the tradition at its most authentic and entertaining, you couldn't do better than watch Mark's show". 

Dr Martin Reeve, Punch and Judy Historian.

My show can easily be booked for most events - private and public shows ranging from small one off birthday parties to all day events with numerous performances.

I became a full time performer one week after leaving school aged 17 (1989). I've performed 'seasons' on various beaches and many bookings ever since.

I'm still as passionate about the show as when I first watched it as a child the only difference is, I'm now inside the booth but truly hope those watching the show are enjoying it as much as I am backstage.

The majoroty of what is seen and used in the performance (including the puppets) and indeed the booths are all made and painted by myself in my workshop.

People think all Punch & Judy shows are the same, this not true! It all depends who is inside the booth making old Mr Punch work as to the standard of the performance. No two shows are ever the same and as with anything in life, there are good and bad shows.

I aim to give good value and present a high quality, entertaining show which will be enjoyed by everyone watching.

As I am a puppeteer, the show is suitable for a mixed aged audience (adults & children).

My performances are constantly changing and evolving. There is topical comedy, slapstick comedy and plain nonsense included. I concentrate on the puppet manipulation from inside the traditional theatre and shows are tailored to the individual audience in front of me, adjusting the ‘timing, pace and rhythm’ as the show progresses. My performances are between 20 - 30 minutes. The traditional instrument to produce Mr Punch’s unique squeaky voice is used and can be clearly understood.

As a full ‘Equity’ member, I am covered by their Public Liability Insurance.

I have several different Punch & Judy booths that can be used (low ceilings - not a problem). I also use my own self contained PA system and lighting (when needed) both can be operated from mains electric and 12 volt.

I always send out booking forms (either by email or snail mail) to be filled in and returned. This offers you peace of mind and we both have the same details so there are never any misunderstandings.

Prices vary for different events and areas, so please contact me to enquire about availability and get your individual quote.

To get the best value out of having my show appearing at your event please consider the following:

Alternative undercover location in wet or windy weather.

Set show times so they don’t clash with other entertainments or events.

Position the show on level ground, facing the direct sunlight

Don’t pitch the show near anything noisy that will ‘drown out’ the performance but remember too, that the show and it’s audience can be noisy.

Parking my van near to the show is always useful.

Peep board

Being presented to the Queen 2009

Glastonbury Festival 2019 (Glastonbury on Sea pier)