Schools & Educational Workshops

It’s fine to book just a performance but I can also talk to your class about various topics included in Key Stage 1 and 2 of the National Curriculum. 

Including: The Victorians, Entertainment, Seaside Holidays of the Past, Puppets and Puppet Making.

As I have extensive knowledge in these fields. 

I can let the children see up close and handle the puppets.

I can show and demonstrate different types of puppets and explain how they are made. I also have large photos of the ‘shows of old’.

A performance is of course included.

The children (and teachers) can ask questions regarding the topics they are learning about (good to prepare questions before the visit).


I visit pre-schools and perform what I call 'Punch's Pantomime', which is still Punch & Judy but a softer version and aimed with under 5s in mind.


Nothing is more educational or inspiring than watching live entertainment or seeing a real working heritage attraction, bringing topics to life and for school groups

Although these photos were taken at the beach, I obviously come into schools to give workshops.......